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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simple Divorces

I get a lot of questions about divorce. Seems like everyone is getting a divorce these days. Having been through one myself and practicing in family court for several years I try not to practice in that area much because of all the negativity that surrounds that kind of work. I really only now handle simple divorces and special circumstances where I feel like a client really needs my help. From my experience, both personal and professional, I know that it is better to let things cool down before proceeding for divorce otherwise you are just feeding your attorney. Don’t get me wrong, I like to work and make money but taking peoples money when I know how a certain situation will end and when there is really no need to be aggressive goes against my grain. And some circumstances require an aggressive position, but most inquires I get are people that want to be heard and not taken advantage of. I try to offer whatever I can to help them get through their tough time which, most of the time, is to wait it out. The SC Bar has put out a do-it-yourself simple divorce packet. It consists of paperwork and instructions on how to proceed without an attorney to get a simple divorce. It even tells you how to present testimony to get that divorce based on the one year continuous separation (no fault based divorce). Surprisingly in my talks with many family court judges, I have discovered that many people mess this up and have to do it all over again. I would always recommend hiring an attorney to get this done. If you feel that you can navigate down this path, here is the link for the simple divorce packet: If you would like to help, you should hire an attorney and you should be able to find an one (including me) who will do so at a reduced rate (a simple divorce with no assets and where child custody is not an issue). If your divorce is particularly dirty or a lot of money is involved or there are custody issues and you don’t want a simple divorce, I will be glad to can make some good recommendations for attorneys willing to take it on for you. Feel free to give me a call.

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