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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fee Quote

When engaging an attorney there are a number of things you should consider that are very important. After all, this person may be handling your freedom. Or, there may be other legal problems that arise which may involve important matters to you that you would like to prevail on. A total evaluation is needed in selecting your attorney. That discussion will be on a different day. Today we talk fees. If you have ever had to hire an attorney, depending on the type of legal problem, you may have experienced great differences in attorneys giving you quotes for their employment. This can be often times frustrating. No one wants to know that someone else is profiting from their misfortune in a gross manner. Attorneys are business men who attended many years of school to learn the law so they could be hired to represent those that are not that familiar with it. Attorneys spent a lot for school and a great majority of them do not offer free services. A good attorney will quote you based on a number of variables which should reflect how much work he or she will be projecting for your defense or prosecution (civil). This can only be done by hearing the facts of the case and getting a general understanding of the circumstances. The variables may vary themselves from attorney to attorney but at their core at least one variable in the equation is what does the attorney charge per hour for his services and how many hours will the attorney anticipate putting into this case. This is the most important factor to look for. If an attorney does not give you this information, you must ask for it. It will direct you to the more honest attorneys and ultimately place you with the best fit. Old sayings are old sayings for a reason....You get what you paid for.

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