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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Representation you can trust in a DUI case

Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed about your DUI arrest?  You are not alone, in 2010, it was reported that 1.41 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Based on this statistic from MADD, you can infer that there have been similarly situated people who have had to cope with the same feelings of embarrassment or shame that you are currently experiencing.

DUIs affect a wide range of people: young, old, white, Hispanic, African American and so on. Take for example, DMX, a famous rapper. He has been arrested on multiple occasions over the last several years. Just recently, he was picked up in South Carolina and arrested on DUI charges. You might think a famous rapper like DMX would have called a cab or a limo for that matter. But, even famous people make mistakes and drunk driving is a common mistake. For more information on the DMX case, visit:

Whether you are a blue-collar worker, or a famous celebrity, your life can significantly be impacted by a DUI. You need a lawyer you can trust and Daniel Selwa is the best man for the job. Don’t let the mistake of drinking and driving ruin your life. If you go unrepresented, without competent counsel, you may end up facing the strictest punishment for the crime. Conviction of a DUI can include: fines, probation, jail time and suspension of your driver’s license. Furthermore, a DUI conviction can affect your personal relationships, as well as business relationships. A DUI conviction could prevent you from obtaining your dream job or maintaining it.

You will want to hire an experienced DUI attorney, who is familiar with traffic laws, and motor vehicle laws.  DUI cases often involve breathalyzer tests, blood tests and other field sobriety tests. You need an attorney who is familiar with these tests and knows how to successfully challenge the results of these tests. Equally as important is hiring an attorney who is a local to the area where the arrest occurred. A local attorney will be familiar with locations and the court system, which will put you at an advantage.

Emotions often run high in DUI cases and you need an attorney you can trust. Contact Daniel Selwa today for a consultation regarding your DUI case. Daniel Selwa is a reputable and trusted criminal defense attorney in the Grand Strand area and he will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in your DUI case.

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