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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hiring an Experienced DUI Myrtle Beach Attorney

In Myrtle Beach, especially during the summer time, many people hire an attorney for one thing and that is help with their DUI case. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney is critical in fighting your DUI charges. Hiring attorney Daniel Selwa can mean the difference between fines, losing your license, and imprisonment. An experienced attorney can help minimize or avoid the severe penalties that accompany a DUI conviction.

The world of DUIs is quite different than other areas of law. You need an attorney that knows the state specific traffic laws, police procedure, and the problems associated with field sobriety tests. By hiring an attorney well versed in the area of DUIs, your attorney will be able to challenge the charge by challenging the evidence against you. This includes reviewing the on-site roadside field sobriety tests (if performed) and  challenging the results of the breathlyzer test (if given).

You should also hire an attorney you feel comfortable with; always trust your gut. In order to best represent to the best of his or her ability, your attorney is going to need to know every little detail about your case. Quite often, people facing DUI charges feel ashamed or embarrassed, naturally so, but it is important to remember your attorney is fighting for you and will not judge you based upon the information you give him, he will simply use it to your advantage in the courtroom. Become familiar with the attorney you hire, ask him questions about his background, his legal experience, and specifically his knowledge and experienced in the area of DUI law.

Don’t fight your DUI charges alone, hire attorney Daniel Selwa today. A DUI conviction can result in hefty fines, suspension of a driver’s license, and imprisonment. You can open a book and learn all about DUI laws and the possible outcomes of a DUI conviction. However, you can’t learn how to represent yourself from a book. An experienced attorney not only has the knowledge that you can obtain from a book but he also has the courtroom experience that can lead to a victory. As the old adage goes, those that represent themselves in a court of law, have a fool for a lawyer.  Call today for a free consultation.

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  1. It is really a must to hire a reliable DUI attorney when charged of DUI. This is because being charged of DUI will really have a negative impact on one’s life. And DUI attorney will be a great help in lessening the penalties or maybe could help you get out of the case clean.