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Monday, April 22, 2013

DUI Roadblocks and Checkpoints

Their vehicles are often unseen because they are in the median or to the far side of the road with their headlights off; I’m talking about local law enforcement vehicles. The summer is quickly approaching and with that, the presence of local law enforcement is increasing. Not only are police vehicles parked along the roadways but DUI checkpoints are in effect as well. Just last week there was a DUI checkpoint on highway 544 near Coastal Carolina University.

While driving sober, you are more apt to notice the presence of your local police. However, when you are driving while intoxicated, the chances that you will not notice your local police patrolling the area is great. Perhaps you are lucky enough to escape the police while driving intoxicated because you put your car on cruise control to closely monitor your speed or perhaps you happen to notice the hidden police vehicle in time to correct your erratic driving. There are those that are lucky but there are more people that are legally punished for their criminal offense of driving while intoxicated than those that are not.

Before getting behind the wheel, ask yourself, am I too intoxicated to drive? Chances are, that if you have had more than 3 drinks, you are. But note: your blood alcohol concentration, BAC, will vary depending on the amount you drink in a given time period, your physical size and the amount of alcohol contained in each beverage you drink. If you are ever unsure, the best thing to do is to call a taxi or a friend to drive you home. One of the most happening spots on the Grand Strand and more specifically is Broadway at the Beach and if you are stranded there after drinking too much, don’t fret, multiple cabs will be lined up along the outside. Another good reason not to drive are the Myrtle Beach Police who wait on Highway 501 bypass right in front of Broadway at the Beach.

The risk of injuring yourself or another while driving while intoxicated is great and the risk of being pulled over by local law enforcement is even greater. Myrtle Beach’s local police are constantly reminding the public of their presence on the roadways. Driving while intoxicated is taken seriously everywhere but particularly in Myrtle Beach because the local police are aware that this is a hot vacation spot where many people indulge in drinking.

Be aware of your consumption of alcohol and your surroundings. Along with cab drivers, police are waiting outside of Broadway at the Beach and other hot spots to catch drunk drivers. If you are put in the unfortunate situation where you are facing criminal DUI charges, contact your local attorney Daniel Selwa. DUI charges can carry heavy legal consequences and by contacting Daniel Selwa you may be able to avoid the unnecessary future consequences.

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