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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Anonymous to Release Senstive Information, Operation Warhead

Anonymous is about to release a warhead, metaphorically.  The hacktivist organization Anonymous has issued a statement, complete with video of it's most recent exploit of the United States' websites  This is on the suicide of Aaron Swartz, co-founder of Reddit and internet activist, who was facing hacking charges for downloading scholarly documents in MIT's library.  This a bold and very dangerous step Anonymous has taken and more will be released today to the media outlets.  I urge you to take a look at this video which is an audio presentation of the written text.

The video is depicting various scenes including those of missiles and similar type weapons.  It is clear that this is only about sensitive information and not an actual warhead, however when watching the video it would seem the message could be misunderstood.  It also appears that this is one of many to come.

Up until this point, we have watched other countries dive into revolution and chaos while we sit in the comfort of our own homes.  What will happen when our citizens become fed up with the laws of this nation, how would that revolution start.  Maybe it already has. 

Read Anonymous' statement here.

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