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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Understanding Police Officers

If you have come to Myrtle Beach to vacation, you have undoubtedly seen the atomsphere presented and the party attitude that follows. While I commend the police force for their service to our community, this party atomsphere can get to some of them. Most cops are human (This is a joke for you daft individuals) and being human, everybody gets fed up with their job and the troubles that go along with the performance of that job. Police officers are just like you and me. They are not perfect. They mess up, they get tired, they get fed up, they run out of patience and when these things happen, you suffer. When these things happen they also tend to forget that an arrest brands an individual for the rest of their lives. Sometimes it takes years to clear up what a police officer did because he was having a bad day. Police officers also have what is called qualified immunity, which in laymans terms means they are generally protected from being sued for their actions on the job. Why not arrest the 21 year old male who just mouthed off to them? To them it is disorderly conduct, to the 21 year old it was just free speech. Police officers always win on the front end. What one person deems as a good time, may be a criminal act in the eyes of a police officer.

Have you ever tried to remain sober around a group of drunk individuals for a number of hours? If you have, mulitply that by 100 and then you will see the world through the eyes of a police officer on a Saturday night at one of our local hot spots. When you try to see the world through the eyes of a police officer, you can begin to see where they may have overstepped their authority, not properly investigated a situation, or generally lost their ability to deal with you or anyone they run into.  If you have been charged with a crime in Myrtle Beach or the surrounding areas, call Daniel Selwa today for a free consultation.  Get informed, know your rights, and protect your future.  Call Daniel Selwa today.

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