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Monday, June 27, 2011

SC Immigration Crackdown

South Carolina is one step closer to becoming a police state with Governor Haley's recent attempt to crack down on illegal immigration.  The new legislation would allow police to question someone's citizenship during a traffic stop or arrest.

Police officers would be allowed to check the citizenship of anyone they suspected to be in the country illegally.  How would one come about suspecting that an individual is in the country illegally?  Well, the bill does not go into specifics but let me spell it out for you....the color of their skin.  While this may not affect me or some of my readers, oddly enough, it is only logical that Ms. Haley may be pulled over and questioned which further questions how thoroughly she thought this through.

Like Arizona, we have now taken a step backwards and, in my humble opinion, embarrassed the more intelligent people of South Carolina.  And like Arizona, I am sure we will be compared to Nazi Germany where Jews were required to provide proof of citizenship by keeping their papers on them at all times.  Not only is this unconstitutional on many different levels but it goes against the basic fabric of this nation.  We are a melting pot, a place of dreams for people of less fortunate countries.  We are a place of opportunity.  I have compassion for immigrants for several reasons.  One, I rarely see lazy immigrants.  Two, they appreciate things that most Americans take for granted and I admire that.

Rarely am I this engulfed with rage but I am always set off when those in power abuse it.  There is an old saying, those that do not know history are doomed to repeat it.  I find this true in South Carolina this day.  I have often thought that politicians are only politicians to serve their own egos.  I find this true with every politician that I have ever met.  At the close of her press conference, Governor Haley stated something to the effect of, I am not worried about the lawsuits being thrown at me, it tells me that I am doing my job.  I can only thank God for attorneys who protect us from people like this.  I pray for our state and I pray that we put away our white hoods sooner than later.

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